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Astrando a.ka. dj Deepcover was born in Rotterdam june 19th of 1976. His career as deejay began in 1990 when he was only a teenager. He and his best friend Marvin, formed together the former group the Coversquad. After 13 succesfull years of performing and producing they both decided to move on individually. They both had different dreams and for those dreams to become reality they decided they each had to move on seperately. After their breakup in december 2003, Astrando continues performing as Dj Deepcover. Next to his career as a well respected deejay he is also working as a Businessman in his own music studio & merchandisen of a his own brand. Because of his hard work and creativity he has learnt and grown alot in the music industry. Music has always been his greatest passion, therefore his goal for the future is to be able to make music on a much higher level. Dj Deepcover’s career has been land marked by great achievements across the globe, from entertaining thousands at the hottest clubs in the World  to exclusive parties for today’s leading recording artists. With countless radio shows, interviews, residencies and tours under his belt, Dj Deepcover’s is definitely a triple threat when it comes to skills, personality and experience. Starting at the age of only 14, Dj Deepcover’s love for R&B and Hip Hop was what geared him towards the life as an deejay and Music producer. However when deejaying became Dj Deepcover’s main focus he was addicted to the tables and perfecting his skills became his focal point. With his ability to entertain the crowed by his words and by his proficiency as a deejay Dj Deepcover’s quickly made a name for himself in the Netherlands and all over World. Dj Deepcover’s  career has been marked by 28 years of incredible achievements across the globe. His unique energy and sound is a result of countless world tours, radio shows and Artist collaborations. There is no denying that Deepcover is a triple threat with his combination of skills, personality and experiences.



Deepcover is known for breaking down barriers.
In 2016 he gonna  completed an ambitious tour « Around The World In 100 Days » where be brought his sound to masses across the five continents. The 100-day journey will be documented on film and focuses on the tour life of a Dj Deepcover a documentary a step further by creating an engaging discussion on the DJ profession on a international level. And his 2nd Project HH2X a Production team and a Trap Movement and also a big party concept in the Netherlands
3rd Project is Salone della Moda the biggest Fashion show of Europe


With an impressive catalogue of mixes, radio shows and remixes already under his belt Deepcover is taking his crate of musical talent to the next level; his own music production Team.

Catch him every Week on a party (the Netherlands)


•  Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
•  Founder of the International party concept: HH2X
•  Founder of the International party concept: 100 Gigs Around te world
•  Co-founder and associate CEO of HH2X Music
•  Sponsored by The Tailors
•  Official DJ for Salonè della Moda (Europe Fashion Show)
– Artist Roy Kable
– Afoe Sensi
•   Support acts for artists such as Notorious BIG, Montel Jordan,Wu Tang Clan 112,   and many more.


• SUN FM : #1 independent R&B Radio The Netherlands) 2000


  • the Netherlands (Holland)
    • The Netherlands
    Maassilo (Rotterdam), Cinéma(Rotterdam), Escape(Amsterdam) ect.
  • Germany
    Index, Aurra Partytempel, Kernie(Wunderland Kalkar)
  • South America
    Havana Lounge (Surinam)
  • Africa 
    Cabo Verde
  • Others
    Londoner Spain (Europe)


1976 – Born
1989 – Hobby DJ
1990 – Pro DJ
1992 – Producer team
2003 – Solo
2013 – Fashion Industry
2015 – Studio
2016 – HH2X
2016 – 100 Gigs ATW
2018 – Official dj Fashion Shows



Technics SL1200 MK2
Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus
Productions Skills
Social media Skills


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